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Happy Birthday to mom

Completely satisfied Birthday to mom If you looked cooking window of the house I grew up in, You’d probably probably see my mother at the stove. She for you to drive a car. She did n’t have any specific interests outside her home, But her influence on our purposes as she went about her daily tasks caring for us set a shining example of optimism and enthusiasm She ongoing the morning with”Which is the day the Lord hath made, I shall delight and be glad in it, Might be set the entire day. She was always the first one up in the house morning and could not comprehend anyone wanting to”Lie before going to sleep, Your kitchen was spotless: “Care is next to Godliness” Was her saying, And the usual fare was cold and hot cereal at breakfast and bean soup at lunch. I don’t remember seeing a cookbook or the Canada recommended daily food groups chart about, But she had a natural appreciation of fresh fruit and veg and set an example of healthy eating by encouraging us to eat what we liked, You have to”Little, Gluttony was a word you heard during those times. My first celebrity was a neighbour who starred on a nearby TV cooking show. My mother respected Mrs. Olds, Whom I never called by her name, Rosalene. Mrs. Olds was Italian with classic gives you, And had a flair with onions and acidic the vegetable tomato fruits. Can can recall the gift of the gab? Mrs. Olds had that the majority of, That. My mother confided she and her friend distributed a”Good ruse, Or a really good cry, This was before the days of counsellors and psycho therapist like Pavlov. Mother took great pride in her remarkable health. “If you have your health you have all the feaures, She could not perceive sleeping problems because she had”A clear mind, If my mother remained as alive, She would soon be congratulating yourself on 112 years. I am at this moment in the”Birthday reaction, This is an emotional example of which I have long been aware. On my mother’s birthday I like to go to the woods or the lake and mark a circle with rocks to recognize the anchor text I feel to the earth and sky Kenta Maeda jersey, Caused by her. I can’t put into words the appreciation I feel for the loving shape my mother bestowed on me. The anniversary reaction is portion of the grieving process and reflects her importance to me every day of the year. These intense psychological and mental feelings are normal, Natural, And reflect the potency of love over loss and sorrow. From time to time, I feel her presence in my room so strongly I pull out a chair for her by sitting. She always generally seems to me as if she were mid life and no words are spoken, But I am reminded of warmth and passion. In just a minute the image is gone. Once after was skiing, I looked while using trees and she was sitting on a kitchen chair in the snow. I do not think she ever saw a mountain. I was comforted recently when I misplaced my glasses and kept in mind her saying, “Lifeline loses nothing, We were young, I recall significant papers lost, But mother reassured each person that, With military services has started of the drawers, The things would be found. They as well always were. Just like I found my glasses in their case on a table by the doorstep. I think of her when I people for assistance with a clasp that is too tiny to see. I remember her puzzlement at within open cans or jars. “I just don’t strength in my hands anymore, Fur coats are overweight for me now as my frame is shrinking and I smile to recall her resigning herself to winter coats made of light wool or cashmere just as I am now doing Corey Seager jersey. I laugh at the buzz that gratitude is generating everywhere. So called experts on Facebook and social science data are learning people like my mother who expressed gratitude every day on average have lower stress levels, Lower hypertension levels, As pleasing relationships, High grades and so forth. One example of the joy my mother found in everyday occurrences was the invention of a cardinal in the snow outside the kitchen window. We counseled me called to view this tiny wonder of creation. Seemed to be the”Pet’s meow” Or perhaps even”Far better sliced bread, “You have wellness, You have associated with life, Was her daily prayer of thanksgiving holiday, And the determination to maintain my own health comes from her constant reminder of the value of caring for oneself and the ones around you. His”We don’t know what’s ahead and that’s an excellent” Are phrases I hear in my heart, Yet again the date of her birthday is coming near, Words that guide and comfort and ease me still. Before the world wide web, Seniors learned to connect with each other by sharing grateful hearts and we were blessed with parents who noted daily thanks all our lives. Our families shared dinner at the table and the blessing was part. At my table not too, We did a gratitude exercise and individuals were invited to list five things for which they are thankful. The best teenage boy listed”Summer season season, Child, Times during the peace, Running water and water lines, And consequently music, His dad famous”Home, Family member, Buddies, Health and ways for learning, All this is commensurate with the spirit of sharing the goodness we have received in our lives with others. This spirit is common, Let’s sing and dance and enjoy our-self. And be happy. Are ruined, Alberta, Sask. Have to have leave now(3)People who work outdoors urged to have their cool as heat wave hits(3)Bob Dylan ask(2)NewsAlert: Source says Scaramucci ousted from White House emails post(2)

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Un nouveau programme de fidélisation chez easyJet ?

Corentin,, le 19 Novembre 2014.

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EasyJet est en train de réfléchir à un programme de fidélisation original pour ses passagers. Ce programme est pour le moment en phase de test : plusieurs milliers des passagers les plus fréquents de la compagnie lowcost se voient offrir des services supplémentaires.

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Les commerces de proximité se lancent dans la fidélisation clients avec Youfid

Margot Ziegler,, le 5 Novembre 2014.

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De nombreux programmes de fidélité tentent de transformer le mobile en carte de fidélité à part entière. Parallèlement, il est difficile pour les commerces de proximité de développer un réel programme de fidélité. Youfid est une application qui propose un programme de fidélisation via mobile.

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Le côté obscur de la gestion de la relation client

Nguyen (B.), « The dark side of CRM », The Marketing Review, n° 2, vol. 11, pages 137-149, 2011.

Il existe cinq écueils que les constructeurs d’une offre de fidélisation doivent connaître pour mieux les appréhender.

Les entreprises parviennent de plus en plus à utiliser efficacement les outils de gestion de la relation client dans le but de proposer des offres et des promotions qui contentent les clients. Néanmoins, l’auteur met en avant cinq écueils dans la construction d’offres et de relations plus personnalisées. Ces paradoxes devraient être pris en compte dans la construction de la relation entre l’entreprise et le client, puis dans l’utilisation de celle-ci pour faire émerger un avantage compétitif : Lire la suite

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L’effet des comportements d’engagement personnel des vendeurs et de leurs conseils sur la confiance des consommateurs à leur endroit

Newell (S.J.), Belonax (J.J.), Jr., Mccardle (M.W.), and Plank(R.E.), « The effect of personal relationship and consultative task behaviors on buyer perceptions of salesperson trust, expertise, and loyalty », Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, vol. 19, n° 3, pages 307-316, 2011.

Les vendeurs ont tout intérêt à utiliser deux comportements types complémentaires dans leur relation avec le client : s’engager personnellement et jouer le rôle de conseiller.


Dans cet article, les auteurs se sont intéressés à l’importance du comportement du personnel en contact avec les clients, et plus particulièrement, de l’in uence du comportement des vendeurs, sur la satisfaction et la  délité du client. Deux comportements distincts se dégagent : l’engagement personnel du vendeur dans la relation, et son rôle de conseiller. L’article met en avant l’importance du personnel en contact dans la relation client, élément décisif de la stratégie des entreprises qui évoluent dans un univers très concurrentiel, qui plus est dans un contexte Business-to-Business où les relations sont complexes.  Lire la suite